Day At The Pumpkin Patch

Day At The Pumpkin Patch

This time of year is seriously my favorite.
Who doesn’t love Fall!

Jax loves going to the pumpkin patch.

Wagon rides, animals, slides, food, lots of pumpkins, and playing in the dirt!
What little boy wouldn’t enjoy that?!

The pumpkin patch is a huge field full of discovery!
Our favorite tradition is going to find the perfect pumpkins.

We were a little late going this year.
Normally we go the first day it opens, but I have been so busy!

I look forward to little moments like these every year and I always make sure to capture the memories!




Pumpkins And Pregnancy

One of my favorite October traditions is visiting the pumpkin patches around this Salty City. they all seem the same, but they are all so different! Corn mazes, tasty treats, hayrides, and of course the different pumpkins! I never met a pumpkin I didn’t like.



I decided to take a day trip to the pumpkin patch and snap a few photos with my beautiful sisterboo and the boys. I feel like pumpkins and pregnancies fit hand in hand with one another. They always turn out so cute. We had 3 rowdy boys with us.



I’m so glad we live in a world where there are pumpkins and pregnancies! xx-Ray

Hello October

October is here!… well….tomorrow. Bye September!

It is literally one of my favorite months. Halloween, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, scary fun, parties, perfect photo opportunities.. the list goes on and on! i couldn’t be more excited to share with you lovelies.

To kick off my favorite month, I wanted to share a few of my favorite shots I took of Jax during October months.

Fall is my favorite time to shoot. The colors are amazing and pumpkin patches are so fun! xx-Ray




Happy October, witches! Xo

It’s Okay To Get Messy

Whoever says life is not messy, they are lying.

Full of emotions. Ups and downs. It is a crazy whirlwind. The wildest roller coaster you will ever ride. Beautiful chaos.

But that chaos is the most amazing thing you will ever experience.

I take a million pictures. Of everything. I have to capture every moment.

I have always been a little ham when it comes to the camera and I always feel like moments will be forgotten if they are not captured. I just love to look back at a picture and feel the same emotion that I felt at that given moment. Time standing still for that one shot. I will forever have love for the person that invented the camera.

You better believe that i am going to take a million pictures of my beautiful chaos.

I always tell Jax it’s okay to get messy. He always wants his hands clean.He doesn’t like stuff being on his hands. so, I decided to let him have a little fun!

I recently bought this perfect set of washable Crayola finger paints which you can also find here . I thought it would be fun to make some art on a nice sunny day!


I took some of my brown Kraft paper (really, i ripped it very sloppy-like off the roll…) and laid it outside for him to paint. This paper is literally amazing. I have a huge roll and use it for everything!

I bet you can guess what happened next…








If there is one thing I would want Jax to gain from me, it would be my love of art, creativity and crafting. I love drawing, crafts, music, and anything else that brings your heart to life.



I’m so proud of my little Picasso. He got his hands dirty. even got a little artsy on his belly.. and legs.. hands… and feet!

Just remember. It’s okay to get messy as long as you are enjoying it. Life is messy! xx-Ray

Being His Mother

I officially became a mother to a beautiful baby boy in July of 2013.

Some might say I was a mother before that, but I didn’t truly feel it until the first time I held Jaxson.

Of course, I knew I was a mother when I found out I was pregnant and I became very attached to my growing baby belly, but actually holding him and hearing him cry.. it was incredible.

Now, when i first found out i was pregnant, I didn’t know whether i wanted a boy or a girl. Girls usually like dolls,  pink, glitter, makeup and have way more clothing options as it seems, while boys like dirt, and trucks, super heroes and… who knows what else.

I, myself, was a little bit of both. growing up with my older brother, I always did what he did. We had a much larger male to female ratio in our family, and I was limited to two girls (which are both huge parts of my life today). I went camping often with my dad, and loved being outdoors. I would play Barbies and instead of using Ken dolls, I used my brother’s G.I. Joe. I always loved all things girly. Princesses, make up, clothes– not so much pink though.

So when I was pregnant, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted the gender to be. ( Like I get to choose anyways?!) because I had my older brother, I started to set my mind on a boy so my future kids could have a big brother. The protector; the one that could look out for the others.

Today, I am so grateful for my little boy and he is SO much fun. We DO play in the dirt, drive trucks and cars, wrestle, play super heroes, and yet, I still get sweet kisses and cuddles because he is my baby.

This past Friday night, I took my little date to our local raceway here in Utah with some family and we watched the midnight drag races. He loved it! And I loved being able to take him and watch him get excited about all the loud, fast cars. He would say “ready, set, go!” with me and watch them race down the track. And even though I probably could have done the same with a little girl, I just felt like he was so engaged and I was able to share that moment with him.




I look forward to all things I get to do with this little boy! I hope you all find fun things to do with your children, whether they be a boy or a girl! xx-Ray

A Place To Wash Your Worries Away

Ever since i was little, I have always loved to take baths. My Gram always says I get it from my Grandpa Berger. She always tells me that he was like a frog, and always chose a bath over a shower.

It is my place of silence. Time to think and relax. alone time.

Jaxson has followed me on the path of love for bath time. even though his baths are more along the lines of cups, basketball hoops, and animals, while mine are more full of bubbles, bath bombs and bath salts.

When Jaxson was just a babe, I used to lay him on my legs and sing songs to him in the bath. I feel sorry that he had to listen to that and didn’t have a choice to say otherwise. But it was our time to bond.

Now that he is two, we still take baths.. but he is much more curious of everything, if you know what i i have to keep him busy! I teach him new songs, like ” down in the jungle where nobody goes, there is a big, fat elephant washing his toes!” and it makes it more fun for both of us because he is learning and also getting clean! If you don’t know what song I am talking about, you can check it out here.

Baths make me think how something so simple can be loved by so many. Sitting in a tub of water. washing your worries away.

My Grandpa passed in February 2013, five months before my son was born. I remember telling my grandpa and gram that I was pregnant and how excited they were for me. when my Grandpa passed, I was devastated. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that my wonderful, loving, Grandpa would not be in this world to meet my beautiful baby boy. “Oh, how he would have loved Jaxson” my Gram always says to me.

But I think he did meet Jaxson. I believe that sweet man helped handpick my little human and sent him down to be with me. My little frog. My wonderful, loving babe that is so dear to my heart.

Taking a bath is my place to wash my worries away. and think of how beautiful life is.. Life comes with the good and the bad, but you have to remember there is always something to be thankful for. Thank you Grandpa.. xx-Ray

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May All Your Blues Be The Ocean And The Sky

Dragging myself back home from one of the most BEAUTIFUL places ever..You might be wondering how I did it.
I would go back to Nassau, Bahamas in a heartbeat.
I was in awe of the beautiful blue waters and white sand beaches. The ocean and sky went on forever. It made me stop and stare. I realized how truly beautiful life is. How amazing it was to be able to share this experience with my son.

So, back to how i did it..
How did i drag myself back home to a full time job, traffic, and normal city life? It was those same beautiful wonders in the Bahamas that would have kept me there, believe it or not. They made me realize something. My little boy IS my beautiful blue waters and white sand beaches. I can stop and stare at him for hours. How luck am I to receive the life of this little human? I cannot wait to see where this world takes us next.

And my only worry is that his only blues will be the ocean and the sky. xx-Ray