Living Ray Review: L’Oreal Paris Ever-Pure Hair Sheet Mask

I recently have been seeing a lot of hype around the L’Oreal Paris Hair Care Ever-Pure Deep Moisture Hair Sheet Masks. Whewwww, that was a mouthful!

Because of all the hype, the bloggers, and the reviews – I thought I would give it a try.

Before I get into the details about my experience with this product, I wanted to explain how my hair was prior to trying the sheet mask.

I live in Utah so the weather is very dry. I often find that my scalp is dry or that I have dandruff. Lovely… I know. I trim my hair about every 3-4 months so I like to say it is pretty healthy. I have my beloved split ends because I curl my hair pretty much every day, except for all the weekends, when I throw it up in a messy bun or braids.

So now that you know the background of my long, luscious locks, let’s talk about the sheet masks!

IMG_3804 (1)

First you jump in the shower, shampoo your hair and rinse. I took the sheet mask in the shower with me, but I’m sure you could just wash your hair and apply it without fully jumping into the shower.

Next, I opened up the package and took out the mask. To me, it was more of a plastic shower cap than it was a mask, but you place it on your head like a hat. The package advises you to twist your hair up and place on top of your head before applying the mask. This was the hardest part for me. Twisting my hair and trying to place the cap on at the same time was a challenge. I had to hold my hair with one hand and try to place the cap on with the other. Once I applied the cap, I pulled the sticker cover and secured the sticker to the cap to make sure it was closed tightly. Then I massaged. The hardest part of the whole application for me was getting all of my hair into the mask.

The mask has all the conditioning products inside, so you gently massage the mask on your head. The mask only needs to be on for 5 minutes. It sounded like I was crunching around a potato chip bag on top of my head.

After 5 minutes, you take off the mask and rinse out all of the goodness.

CAUTION: When you rinse your hair, your shower will become VERY slippery! When I rinsed the product from my hair, it felt like my shower was coated in conditioner! I almost slipped twice!!

The mask made my hair feel amazing. Very soft and refreshed. I also assume that I didn’t rinse all of the product out thoroughly because my scalp felt a little greasy at the top. I gave it another rinse and it seemed to be better! My fault! My hair was easy to comb through and felt soft and smooth for the next couple of days.

Would I ever use this product again? Definitely! I will probably consider using one of these once a month to give my hair the little refresher that it needs!

L’Oreal Paris also created the EverPure Sulfate Free Moisture Shampoo that I am going to try! I will post a review about it soon!

Please leave a comment and tell me about your own experience with the Sheet Masks or the Moisture Shampoo if you have tried it before!









Living Ray Review: Frank Body Coffee Scrub

 I’m just going to jump right into this one.

2018-05-03 16_20_34-Shop All _ Frank Body

You may have seen all the ongoing social media hype surrounding Frank Body.

Girls and guys of all shapes and sizes taking photos with ground coffee bits all over their bodies and faces, and their bathroom too!

I literally have no other words to describe this body scrub other than, to me, it’s fantastic! I have tried lots of other scrubs in the past, but #letsbefrank (see what I did there?), this one is by far my absolute favorite.

Frank Body offers their original coffee scrub, coconut coffee scrub, peppermint coffee scrub and cacao coffee scrub. ALL OF WHICH ARE AMAZING. I have tried them all. This scrub helps me with my cellulite, stretch marks, breakouts, scars, etc. You name it, I use it for it! Frank also offers lip scrubs, moisturizes, lip tints and more! I’ve only used their body scrubs thus far, but I am sure their other products are just as fantastic!

If you, too, suffer from the items above, this might be worth a try!

“I believe no pants are the best pants and that every day is another opportunity to talk dirty.”

This product is natural, vegan and cruelty free. The blend of coffee, oils, and vitamins leave my skin feeling smooth, glowing and nourished every time I use it. I like to use it 1-2 times per week.

“ Unlike your ex, I’m non-toxic. I use natural and naturally derived ingredients. ”

What really makes Frank Body stand out to me is their particular way of marketing. Its unique, sexy, and fun! From the hashtags #LetsBFrank & #thefrankeffect to the clever quotes they have throughout their website, I think you too will fall in love with this product.

“I’m natural, naughty and ready to make you
as soft as a pug in a rug.”

Full disclosure: This product really does get dirty! My shower walls will turn into a complete mess when I use the scrub. But it does leave your bathroom with a wonderful coffee aroma that I enjoy!

“Getting dirty has never felt so good.”

I have recommended Frank to my closest friends and family, so I thought it was only right that I tell you all about it as well!

So is all the hype about Frank Body true? That it truly helps with all the annoying things that go hand in hand with the human body? See for yourself! Check out #thefrankeffect to see real results from others that have used this product. But I think the only true way to know if it works is to try it yourself!