Shark Themed Birthday Party

I am excited to finally post some of the details of Jax’s Shark Themed 5th Birthday Party!

We had originally planned to have a Star Wars birthday party but Jaxson decided to change the theme two months before the party date. #whythough. If you know me, you know I plan MONTHS in advance for any party I am throwing, so that change was a huge challenge for me!

I chose the color scheme of white, orange, yellow, light blue and dark blue after falling in love with a Shark themed party put together by the amazing Kara’s Party Ideas. And I couldn’t have loved it more! If you hit a creative road block when trying to throw a party, make sure to check out her site! She is the definition of “goals” for any themed party!

Jax has always had a great love for sharks. Same with myself. They are such amazing creatures. So when he told me he wanted to have a Shark birthday instead of Star Wars, I was super excited! I thought it would be a super fun idea!



This is our AMAZING shark piñata! My dad made it all from scratch and I couldn’t be more in love with it! It has been a tradition of ours (mine and my dad’s) to make a piñata every year since Jaxson’s 1st birthday!


It’s so much fun to make our own and be so proud of the work. I have been traveling a lot for work so I am so grateful to have such an amazing Dad that is willing to help me with everything! I will be sharing a whole piece about this piñata soon!


Best friends. Seriously?! How cute are they?!


I also made a shark photobooth using cardboard, paint, and a red plastic table cover! It turned out so cute! Jax and his friends loved taking photos in it!


PEEP the rainbow coral in the photobooth photo too! My dad made those using spray foam and spray paint! We had them up all over the yard to give it an extra “ocean” theme!

Here are some of my other favorite details from the party:

Invitation and Insert Card : 2 bird studios











Shark Candy Necklaces


Shark Suckers


Sticky Shark Favors


Shark Tank Bubbles


Shark Blaster Gun


Shark Stickers and Tattoos



Blue Striped Mylar Balloons


Shark Zone Balloons


Shark Balloon


Plates: Zurchers: Yellow, carribean blue,

Cups: Zurchers: White, orange, yellow, blue

Striped Napkins


This past weekend was a blast! Full of family, friends, snowcones, waterslides and plenty of fun!


Cheers to my baby boy turning 5!




My 4th of July Favorites!

My 4th of July Favorites!

4th of July is right around the corner and I am so excited! It is one of my all time favorites for many reasons. From patriots and flags to family, fireworks and barbeques; what isn’t there to love?!

One of my favorite traditions for 4th of July is throwing on some red, white and blue! From head-to-toe and around your home, there are so many options to get you feeling more patriotic! Maybe you paint your nails red, white & blue or throw on some patriotic wear! I love it all!

Target always has and always will be my favorite when it comes to finding the perfect items for Jax to wear on the 4th. From shirts and shorts, to swim trunks and shoes; they always have it all! Below I shared some of my favorite finds this year for boys, girls, men, women and for your home!

What are your favorite 4th of July activities to do? Leave a comment below!





11 red, white and blue favorites for Boys!

  1. Short Sleeve Button Down |2. Mickey Mouse Red, white and blue Crew Socks  |  3. Boys Americana Swim Trunks  |4. Cat and Jack Swim Trunks| 5. Flag Short Sleeve Rash Guard | 6. Star Print Tank Top | 7. Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt | 8. Red Hooded Tank Top | 9. Land of the Free Tank Top | 10. USA Graphic Tank Top | 11. Red, White and Brave T-Shirt 





11 red, white and blue picks for Girls!

  1. Hair Clip Set | 2. Ribbon Pom Headband |3. Red Summer Tank Top | 4. Red Jean Shorts | 5. Americana Romper | 6. Red A-Line Dress | 7. Stars, Stripes and Flip Flops Tank Top | 8.  America Cold Shoulder Top |9. Reversible Sequin Tank Top | 10. White Romper | 11. Gladiator Sandals




10 red, white and blue picks for men to wear this 4th of July!

  1. Americana Swim Trunks  | 2. Elastic Board Shorts  | 3. Red, White and Blue Socks  | 4. American Flag Trucker Hat  | 5. Americana Tank Top  | 6. Red, White and Blue Nike Cortez  | 7. USA Short Sleeve T-Shirt  | 8. Men’s Patriotic Dress Socks  | 9. Sneakers | 10. Land of the Free T-Shirt 




12 red, white and blue items for Women to wear this 4th of July!

  1. Red, White and Blue Scoop Back One Piece | 2. Ruffle Crop Top Bikini Top | 3. Ruffle Cheeky Bikini Bottom | 4. USA Long Sleeve T Shirt | 5. Que Bonita Senorita Tank Top | 6. Cooler Tote Hand Bag | 7. Red Twist Front T-Shirt | 8. Rose in the USA Tank Top | 9. Blue&Red Stripe Short Sleeve Henley Shirt | 10. Star Print Tank Top | 11. Red Espadrille Sandals | 12. Red, White and Blue Nike Cortez



11 red, white and blue items that are perfect for any 4th of July party!

  1. Red, White and Blue M&Ms | 2 . Tote | 3. USA Football | 4. Red, White & Blue Water Balloons  | 5. Serving Baskets |  6. Paper Latern String Lights | 7. Red, White & Blue Table Cloth | 8. Striped Outdoor Rug |9. Ice Pop Pool Float| 10. Stars/Stripes Print Paper Cups  | 11. American Flag Metal Bin

“Crack Me” Egg Invitations

“Crack Me” Egg Invitations

These egg invitations are great for any kind of party!

I created a handful of these “Crack Me” egg invitations to invite our closest friends and family to Jaxson’s Dino-Mite celebration!

STOMP! CHOMP! ROAR! Jaxson is turning 4! Hooray!


Materials Needed:

Step 1: Blow out the eggs. This is something that can take some time to do. I will have to talk about the full details of that process another time, but basically you punch a small hole on both ends of the egg and blow all the yolk out through one side. You can buy pre-blown eggs from several sellers online. To fit the invitation into the egg, I had to make the hole a little larger, and the invites were roughly 2″ x 4″ and were rolled like a scroll to fit in the hole.

Step 2: Fold the boxes. Quick and easy to fold! They were the perfect size for my project.

Step 3: Stamp your message on the inside of the lid. Or outside! The great thing about these Kraft Boxes is you can decorate them in a million different ways! For this specific project I stamped “Crack Me” that way our party guests would know they had to crack the egg to find the invitation.

Step 4: Add a small bit of Deco Moss to the box to be the cushion for your egg.

Step 5: Close the box with moss and egg inside, tie the twine or string around your box to hold it all in place!


Be sure to leave a comment or share your own “Crack Me” egg invitations! xx-Ray