I can’t believe that we are almost done with January! If your kids are like Jaxson, they cannot make up their mind with anything. What to eat for lunch, what they want to dress up as for Halloween or what pajamas they want to wear to bed – true story. Valentines cards are no exception! First Jax wants Dinosaurs, then he wants race cars, and now he wants army men.

Don’t worry! There is still PLENTY of time to decide what your kids Valentines cards will be. Luckily, if you are having trouble deciding or are stuck at the last minute, scrambling to find something, these printable Valentines Day cards are extremely easy and can be made in minutes.

The inspiration for these came from a ring pop that Jax HAD to buy from Target aka The Ball Store the other day. We call it the Ball Store because Jax used to call it that ever since he could talk. He loved the big, red balls that you find in the front of their stores.

Gem Themed Valentines

Click here to download our free Gem themed valentines set. I suggest that you print on white 8.5″ x 11″ card stock paper.

The great part about these Gem/Diamond themed Valentines cards is that you can pair them with many things! Ring Pops, Plastic Rings, Eraser Rings, or Pop Rocks.

Amazon for the win! Who doesn’t love free, 2-day shipping?!

You can also purchase these Diamond Shaped Cookie Pops and Lollipops by Dylan’s Candy Bar from Target! The treat colors go perfectly with our tags!

Free Diamond Themed Valentine Tags

Free Diamond Themed Valentines Tags


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