I created 10 simple but fun valentines that are quick and easy to put together! I used 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock for these. Each page includes 4 Valentines. Print + cut, punch the hole, and attach with some cute twine! Click the name of each valentine to download for Free!


1.  Bee Themed Valentines

How cute are these? These can be perfectly paired with a Burt’s Bees Chapstick, bee themed items, or even a jar of honey!

Bee Themed Valentines



2.   Car Themed Valentines


Boys love cars, right?! These tags can be paired with a hot wheels car or other car themed item to drive them wild!

Car Themed Valentines


3.  Shark Themed Valentines

Chomp! Another fun theme, perfect for boys or girls! Pair these tags with some plastic toy sharks or other shark themed items to make it a Fin-tastic Valentine’s Day!

Shark Themed Valentines



4. Unicorn Themed Valentines

Pair these colorful unicorn valentine tags with some cotton candy, unicorn themed item, or even a container of glitter for magical Valentine’s Day!

Unicorn Themed Valentines


5.   Watermelon Themed Valentines

Pair these juicy valentines with some Sour Patch Watermelon candy or other watermelon themed items!

Watermelon Themed Valentines


6. Dinosaur Themed Valentines

Another fun Valentine for both boys and girls! Attach these tags to a little plastic toy dinosaur as an alternative to candy Valentines!

Dinosaur Themed Valentines


7.   Banana/Monkey Themed Valentines

Let someone know you are bananas for them by attaching one of these tags to a bag of banana runts candy, a stuffed animal monkey, or even a real banana!

Banana/Monkey Themed Valentines


8. Another Car Themed Valentine

Here is a different layout for our car themed Valentines. Attach one of these tags to a hot wheels car for a simple but fun Valentine!

Another Car Themed Valentine


9.   Gem Themed Valentines

Let someone know they’re a gem by pairing one of these Valentine’s Day tags with a ring pop, toy jewelry, or other “gem” themed items!

Gem Themed Valentines

10. You Rock My World Valentines

This one is a personal favorite of mine! Pair these fun tags with a earth bouncy ball, rock candy, or even real polished rocks to collect!

You Rock My World Valentines


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