Happy 2019, friends!

I recently read an article that I found to be super motivational and intriguing. The article read about choosing a word(s) for the New Year that you can stand behind and bring into your life each day, instead of choosing “resolutions” that may or may not last. To be brutally honest, majority of mine do not. I don’t know if that is because I don’t have enough self discipline to complete it, or maybe I just made a goal to have one without TRULY wanting it.

I also would like to have year round goals, daily goals, weekly goals, etc. Not limit myself with a resolution at the beginning of the year, not truly knowing how my year could go or what might change.

So this year I am doing it a little bit different. Each month, I am choosing a word to live out for the month or even for the remainder of the year. These are also words that live with me every day already, but I plan to put more attention on it for the month and determine what it really means to me and why it is important to me.

My first word for 2019 is:


Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance, knowing and believing in ones self. This is such a bold and strong word. It is a word that means so much to me because I struggled with my own confidence for years, and I still do to this day. When I tell others that I am not very confident, they find that funny, which I then find funny too. I find it funny because they don’t see me as not being confident. They see the opposite. Outgoing, loud, fun loving, carefree. And it’s strange, because in those moments, I don’t see it myself. Why?

For January, I will focus on “confidence” to:

Feel More Comfortable and Confident In My Own Skin

After having Jaxson, I really struggled with body image. I tried workout plans, gym memberships, dieting. I didn’t have enough self drive and motivation to REALLY do what needed to be done to reach my goals. I would go to the gym for a week and call it quits. I would make one healthy trip to the grocery store and think it would work like magic, only to find that the food I was buying was blah and I was disinterested.

I signed up for another Gym Membership today. I did it to hold myself accountable. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WAY YOUR BODY LOOKS, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

I also bribed Jaxson to go to the grocery store with me. I bought chicken, fish, avocado, bell peppers, carrots, snap peas, black beans, strawberries and more! EATING RIGHT IS HALF THE BATTLE. Jaxson bought chips, I bought pistachios. SELF DISCIPLINE, RACHAEL, SELF DISCIPLINE. Cheers to Day 1!

Say Goodbye to Negative Thoughts

Holy crap, you guys. I swear I am such a negative Nancy at times. In so many ways. Social media has been both a blessing and a curse to me. It has really allowed me to open up in ways I didn’t think I needed but it has also opened up a world of comparison that I never really saw before.

That girl has big boobs and mine are small = She’s more attractive.

I love that girl’s outfit. I wish I had her wardrobe = Mine sucks.

I mean, the list could go on and on. And I am CONFIDENT that I am not the only one who feels that way or gets those thoughts. It’s hard. But instead of putting myself beneath them like I am nothing, I need to continue with confidence and remind myself that I AM equally as attractive as them. I am just different. We are all different. And that is what makes me, me.

I also start to think, what if I am that girl and someone else is saying they wish they looked more like me or had my wardrobe? It definitely changes my perspective a little and reminds me that we are all human.

Other negative thoughts to kick are “I’m not good enough”, “I can never do that”, “Why even try?” I AM GOOD ENOUGH, I CAN DO THAT, AND IF I DON’T TRY I WILL NEVER SUCCEED!

So BYE BYE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS! 2019 is the year of focusing on myself!

Remind Myself That I Am An Amazing Mother

Do I believe that I am an amazing Mother? Yes. Do I constantly feel that I can be a better Mother? Also Yes.

Motherhood has been, by far, one of THE best experiences ever in my life. I feel that I am a great mother and I am complimented by others for what kind of mother they view me as. So why is this on my list for confidence?

It is on my list because I want to kick the overbearing question of “Am I doing it Right?” NOBODY KNOWS THE ANSWER TO THIS. Yes, there are many moms out there (especially on Social Media) that are making it look easy. Their kids are perfect, their home looks perfect, and everything in their life is perfect. WRONG! (Don’t let social media fool you!) Every mother has struggles and if they say they don’t have any, they are lying. Whether it be a sleepless night, a tired and moody child throwing tantrums, or just dealing with mom guilt that sometimes kicks in.

So in 2019 I am telling myself, I AM an amazing Mother! Jax is live and well, healthy and happy (most days!) He bathes every day and brushes his teeth every night before bed. He is doing well in school… Kindergarten is tough nowadays! 🙂

Basically, I am telling myself that I am doing it right and a damn good job at that!!


What words would you choose to live by in 2019? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and why! Xo




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