It is a given that I love to shop. And I definitely don’t hide it.

I love to express my style in my own way. It used to be hard for me to not fall into the bandwagon of what everyone else was wearing, but then I started trying different things. Different styles, different colors, or just items that I thought I might like.

Top Shop Cutwork Balloon Sleeve Blouse

Top Shop Cutwork Balloon Sleeve Blouse

BUY WHAT MAKES YOU COMFORTABLE! Buy the shoes, the dress, the jeans. The most important part is that you feel good about yourself. And remember to always compliment and support those around you!

Top Shop Cutwork Balloon Sleeve Blouse

I found this Cutwork Balloon Sleeve Blouse and fell in love! Go check them out and try to find something that completes your own wardrobe or remember to do something that makes you HAPPY!




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