It is a given that I love to shop. And I definitely don’t hide it.

I love to express my style in my own way. It used to be hard for me to not fall into the bandwagon of what everyone else was wearing, but then I started trying different things. Different styles, different colors, or just items that I thought I might like.

Top Shop Cutwork Balloon Sleeve Blouse

Let me be brutally honest for a minute. I have struggled hard with body image for a long, long, LONG time. I hated my boxy body shape- I wanted that perfect hour glass figure. I hated my small boobs – I would always wear baggy clothes and went to two different breast augmentation consultations. I hated my hairy arms- I shaved them. I was in a constant battle with myself. I HATED SHOPPING because I always felt discouraged.

But now I look back and I just say…. wow.

I feel sorry for my old self. All the time of stress and worry and wondering what others think of me. Just wow. And the worst part about it all is that I am not the only one. Girls struggle with this every. single. day.


SO did I ever go through with a breast augmentation? Nope! I now wear my size 32B proudly (or no bra at all, most days!) and am learning to love what the universe has given me. There are still days that I wish it were different, don’t get me wrong. When I wear certain clothing that I just don’t feel feminine enough in, I struggle. But then there are days that I feel like a million bucks in what I have on! I know many women that have done their own breast augmentation and I think that they are equally as beautiful!

Top Shop Cutwork Balloon Sleeve Blouse

What I am trying to say after this mini rant of mine is, DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Get the breast augmentation, injections, botox. Buy the shoes, the dress, the jeans. The most important part is that you feel good about yourself. And remember to always compliment and support those around you!

I would say a good 30-40% of my clothing is purchased from the Top Shop. It is seriously one of my top 5 favorite places to shop!

Top Shop Cutwork Balloon Sleeve Blouse

I found this Cutwork Balloon Sleeve Blouse and fell in love! Go check them out and try to find something that completes your own wardrobe or remember to do something that makes you HAPPY!




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