The only mustard I like is the color of my clothing. Seriously. I hate mustard. Yuck! It’s like in my favorite movie, Alice in Wonderland, where the Mad Hatter is at the tea party and they are “fixing” the clock when the March Hare hands Mad Hatter the mustard. “Mustard! yes…huh? MUSTARD?! DON’T LET’S BE SILLY!!!”

But now, when it comes fashion, I LOVE mustard! To me, mustard is a deeper, golden-ish yellow. Not too bright, and perfect for Fall. Other than black or Olive Green, this is the color for me. I own several mustard colored pieces in my wardrobe and love them all!

I found this great piece on Forever 21 to add to the Collection! The Ribbed Dolman Sweater in Citron. I also bought it in Taupe! This sweater sold out so fast but you can enter in your email address for them to notify you when it comes back in stock! Also, click here to see more of the mustard (yellow, golden) items that Forever 21 has right now!

What is your personal favorite must-have color for Fall?




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