We have been hustling our tails off this week, between trying to get J all ready for Kindergarten and me adjusting to a different way of life.

But tonight one of my very best friends, Tesslah, and I decided to get together and do something with our kids. Tess suggested that we go to Thanksgiving Point and visit Farm Country!


Our whole month has been filled with animal encounters. From Bears and Bison at Bear World, to llamas and bunnies at Farm Country! But our love for animals is great! SO big, that we would go see animals every day if we could!


Jaxson made friends with ALL the animals. I would lose sight of him and then look down the path to find him making friends with the next set of animals.

I really liked this farm because it was very kid friendly. They have wagon rides, pony rides, plus plenty more to do and see!

My favorite animals at Farm Country were the llamas, alpacas, sheep and the donkey!

I think one day, or maybe in another life, I will own a farm with all kinds of animals. My Dad basically has a farm in his backyard right now. Okay, okay… he doesn’t have horses or goats or cute little bunnies, but he does have GIGANTIC turkeys that chase me, lots of chickens, and a garden full of delicious veggies! I guess I can learn a thing or two more from that man!



“Jaxson, can you buy your mama a llama?”



Jax also loved the sheep and the baby goats! The sheep and goats would lean up to the fence and let Jax pet them. They wouldn’t even move. And then when Jax walked away, I would feel them have a moment. Like a bad break up or something. His little face would look at me with a sad frown and then he would get a huge smile again when he saw the next one!

But I think our very favorite animal (or animals) at the farm were the bunnies! OH MY!

Seriously, I think we both would have walked out of there with a baby bunny tonight! They were selling them for $20!! Talk about a tough  parenting moment… “No Jax, we cannot take a baby bunny home with us.” “Yes Jaxson, they are very cute and cuddly and soft. We still can’t take one home.”


I hope you all have a great weekend full of family + friends + fun!




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