When you think of Idaho, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Idaho potatoes? Miles of fields? A state full of nothing?

Well, not me.

Idaho was my home for about 5 years when my parents divorced. It is the home of my Mother’s parents and has a big place in my heart. There are so many great memories that come to mind when I think about Idaho.

I decided with my Mom that we would come spend a weekend in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho to visit her, my stepdad, and my Grandma (Jaxson’s Great Grandma, aka Gigi). We made a plan to surprise Jax with a trip to Yellowstone Bear World while we were here.

It is not a very big park, but the experience is well worth it in my opinion. How often in your lifetime will you be able to get this close to these amazing animals? There are bison, elk, bears, deer, and more!

When you first enter the park, you get to drive through and see all the animals. Bears walking right up to your vehicle! Bison walking right alongside you. And even though you can hardly handle not rolling down your window or jumping out of your car for a picture, it still is such an awesome experience to see them up close!

Once you get through the drive, you end up at their gift shop. Cute gifts, delicious fudge and other goodies to buy! But that was just the beginning.

You can walk outside and see the tiny cubs playing and you can even pay to bottle feed them!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! They are SO cute. They were wrestling and climbing. I just wanted to grab one and smother it with love.

They also have some amusement rides. They are tiny and definitely for the kids, but Jax had a blast!

Jaxson’s favorite part of Bear World was the petting zoo! I think this was my favorite part too! We got to pet a fawn, a doe, a GIANT pig (….hog? warthog? honestly, who the hell knows what that thing was!!), some chickens, goats, and more! He loved being able to get close and love all the animals.

He has a soft spot for animals just like his mama!

If you haven’t been to Bear World, I highly recommend that you plan a trip with your family! You won’t regret it!




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