Since the theme for Jaxxy’s party is “Young, Wild, and Three” I decided to throw a lot of “wild” things in to the mix. Not jungle wild- but crazy-thinking, wild. wild as in nothing-really-fits-a-theme, WILD!

One of my additions to the upcoming party was DIY candy kabobs. They are fun, colorful, and SO easy for anyone to make! + no grilling experience necessary!  I couldn’t wait to share it, so i had to post before his party this upcoming Saturday!

Items Needed:




  1. Take one of your skewers and get it wet with your water. I found this to be an effective step, because the candies would get stuck or not drag down as easily if i didn’t add water first.
  2. With pointy side up, slide candy pieces down your skewer. leave a little room at the bottom for holding room.
  3. Continue sliding candies down, and applying water as needed to the skewer, until your skewer is full. I placed a star at the top of each of ours so the party goers wouldn’t get poked!
  4. Place each skewer in one of your treat bags and tie the end tightly so your candies don’t get dried out.


You can add all kinds of candy to fit your theme which makes it fun for any party!

I am getting so excited for jaxson’s party, i cannot even stand it! #3moredays!! xx-Ray



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