If you have been following along through my previous posts, you will notice that my Piñata making has come hand in hand with trial and error. They are not perfect. They are messy. They are bumpy. They are perfectly imperfect and I couldn’t be more in love with them.

Nowadays, people like to use cardboard to create fantastic shapes, and i am still over here using the good ol’ flour and water mixtures.

Both are great.

So now i would like to introduce you to the luau pinata pig– Meet Winston.


Winston was created for Jaxson’s second birthday party, the backyard Luau. The theme of this birthday was “Hawaiian Luau Style”.

Luau= pig roast.

No, no. I didn’t have a giant pig roasting in the backyard for his party (though i did consider it), but I did create things that fit the “pig roast” theme.

I knew I wanted a pig piñata. I was even going to throw the apple in it’s mouth to make it more fun, but decided not to go that far, for the kids.

How to make a Pig pinata:

Materials I used:

1 balloon
6 toilet paper rolls (or you can use paper towel rolls)
pink paint/sponge paint brush
black sharpie or other marker
glue or tape


  1. I started by blowing up the balloon, tying off the end, and taping the tied end of the balloon down into a coffee mug.
  2. Next, I ripped up pieces of newspaper into thin strips that I would use to create the mold of my piñata.
  3. I then mixed flour and water to create my paste. I used 1 cups flour to 3 cups water. (add more water or flour to create your desired consistency). I made sure it wasn’t too watery, however. You want to make sure the paste is a little thicker or it won’t stick well.
  4. I took a strip of newspaper and dipped it into the paste, ran the paper through my index and middle finger to squeeze off an excess paste, and placed it on my balloon, overlapping each strip slightly so there were no spaces between each paper piece. I continued this process until the balloon was entirely covered.
  5. I let this dry and harden for several hours and then did another layer, and another. I continued to move the balloon around so I was covering all sides of the balloon except for where it was tied.
  6. Once I added all of my layers evenly, I decided which side would be the “belly” of my pig and laid that side up. I grabbed 4 of my toilet paper cardboard rolls and placed them where I wanted the legs of the pig to sit. I attached them with tape and some of my paper mache mixture and let it dry. I did that a few times until they were hard enough to stand alone sturdy without falling. I covered the bottom of each roll so the holes were closed. I used paper mache mixture for that as well.
  7. Once our pig could stand on his own 4 legs, I flipped him over and added the ears and snout using the last 2 toilet paper rolls. For the snout, with my toilet paper roll sitting vertically, I cut it in half horizontally then took each half and cut a slit in it so it was a “C” shape. I connected both of my “C” shapes together using tape and attached it to the front of the pig’s face using more tape and paper mache. I covered the front of the nose with a piece of paper, by cutting a circle out to my paper and attaching it with more tape and paper mache. For the ears, I took our other toilet paper roll and cut that in half horizontally just as I did for the snout. I took each piece and cut out ear shapes. I connected those to the pig using more tape and paper mache mix. I took another piece of my paper and made a little tail. I twisted up paper and made a little curvy tail.
  8. Once all the pieces of the pig had hardened, using a few layers of paper mache, I painted the pig with pink paint. I painted over it a few times so you could no longer see the newspaper coming through.
  9. Once the paint was dry, I added the eyes, nostrils on the snout, and a little smile.
  10. I added a homemade paper lei. directions on how to make those flowers can be found here on Lia Griffith.

Jaxson named him Winston. I completed making him a few weeks before his 2nd birthday party and Jaxson was in love with him. He would talk to him and pretend to feed him. I almost backed out on using him for the party because I was worried Jax would be heartbroken when he was broken apart by all the mini party goers but he wasn’t. he was first up and ready to swing!




Along with Winston the pig, we also had some chocolate pig roasts. And they were DELICIOUS!

How to make pig roasts:


pig mold ( similar found here on Amazon.com)
pink Wilton chocolate candy melts (found here)
pretzel rods

  1. Melt the chocolate in a bowl until it is melted. Use a spoon to mix and melt a little more if necessary. CAUTION: it can get very hot, so be careful. I just melted mine in the microwave.
  2. Pour the melted candy into your molds and lightly tap so that you get air bubbles out.
  3. Once you feel like most of the bubbles have surfaced, lay a pretzel rod horizontally across the mold and pour a little more over the pretzel. Twist the rod until the candy is attached to the rod and the candy in the mold and place in the fridge for about an hour.
  4. Once they have hardened, bend the edges and carefully pop your pig mold out.

I had to cut my molds so that I could lay the rods across each one without bumping into each other. I placed each pretzel rod and candy mold in a cellophane bag, tied off the end, and added a little printed note that says “pig roast”. These were a huge hit and everyone was asking for more!


This time last year was very hectic for us. We had Jaxson’s birthday, an August Bahamas trip, and selling our home all back to back. We were just go, go, go. I don’t know where Ii found the time to pull off his 2nd birthday backyard luau, but I did it! xx-Ray










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