Well friends. Today I am going to be writing about how I made my very first piñata that just so happened to be my favorite thing ever (other than Jax), a pineapple!!

Now, please note: I am not a professional piñata maker. Are there things I did well? Maybe. Are there things i could have done differently? Most definitely.

This is also NOT a step by step tutorial.  I definitely wish i had taken better pictures to show how it was made but maybe these steps will help someone that is trying to make their own.

Overall, i was very pleased with how it turned out, being it was my first time EVER attempting a piñata.

how to make a Pineapple piñata:

1 Balloon (i actually used one of his birthday invitation balloons!)
Newspapers and paper
Mixing Bowl
Green Construction Paper/piece of cardboard
Yellow paint/foam paint brush
Yellow Crepe paper
Glue & Tape
Black Sharpie

  1. I started by blowing up the balloon, tying off the end, and taping the tied end of the balloon down into a coffee mug.
  2. Next, i ripped up pieces of newspaper into thin strips that i would use to create the mold of my piñata.
  3. I then mixed flour and water to create my paste. i used 1 cups flour to 3 cups water. (add more water or flour to create your desired consistency). I made sure it wasn’t too watery, however. you want to make sure the paste is a little thicker.
  4. I took a strip of newspaper and dipped it into the paste, ran the paper through my index and middle finger to squeeze off an excess paste, and placed it on my balloon, overlapping each strip slightly so there were no spaces between each paper piece. I continued this process until the balloon was entirely covered.
  5. I let this dry and harden for several hours and then did another layer, and another. Please note: the tied part of the balloon was still taped to the mug, so there was a part that was not being covered with paper and paste. This hole would later be for the candy and “pineapple top”.
  6. After several layers of paper were laid and dried, i took the tape off and unattached it from the mug, popped the balloon, and pulled out the pieces. Nobody wants popped balloon pieces in their candy bags!
  7. With my hard-as-a-rock egg shape, i covered the entire base yellow using my yellow acrylic paint. I did this to prevent any of the newspaper ads from showing through my crepe paper.
  8. I unrolled my yellow crepe paper and folded it a few times. I then cut small triangle shapes along one edge of the paper, making sure i didn’t cute the triangle all the way through to the other edge otherwise it would cut apart my entire strip. Once i had large strips of crepe paper with jagged edges on one side, I began wrapping each strip about the balloon, gluing the non-triangle edge and attaching it on.
  9. I colored each triangle tip with my black sharpie to accent each individual point. I did this for the entire mold to give it some life.
  10. Once I was done coloring my triangles, I took my piece of cardboard and cut a small circle piece that would cover the hole in the top of my “pineapple”. This was my lid. I painted it yellow and attached it to the mold by punching a hole in the mold and cardboard and connected the two with a zip tie. This was a simple connection that allowed me to flip the lid open and close.
  11. I then cut my pineapple leaves using my green construction paper, cutting them at different lengths. Folding each piece at its bottom, I glued the folded part to the lid. I started in the middle with taller pieces and worked my way to the outside with shorter and short pieces each time.


I filled my “pineapple” with toys and candy and let the mini party goers have their way with it! I was pretty sad to see it go, but it was such a blast to make. I may have even screamed a little when the kids finally broke it open!


With a few hours, some supplies, and some creativity, you can also make your own piñata that fits any party theme! Just use your imagination and be creative! xx-Ray


6 replies on “DIY Pineapple Piñata

    1. Hi! Once I had the body of the pineapple molded I drilled a hole for the rope to go through! It was near the top of the pineapple where I had the zip tie!

      At first I wasn’t quite sure how to connect it but that ended up being the best way for me!

      1. okay. That sounds good. So just to be sure that zip tie goes through a small hole at the top of the pineapple and through a small on the mold ?

      2. Yes! I actually didn’t think the kids would be able to break it at first but we were able to get through at least one round of all the kids getting a turn! They loved it!

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