Because he was only turning 1, I had several people ask my why i was making such a big deal about his birthday party.

Well… hi, my name is Rachael.

  1. Everything always has to be MY way and a huge production. Go big or go home!I have always loved to plan and celebrate things. I even helped plan my own baby shower.. yup! that happened.
  2. My little human has an extremely large family, ranging from infants to seniors. Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends. the list is long! Sometimes it is hard for me to  keep up, and I just wanted everyone to enjoy it! It was important that they all had fun and helped participate in celebrating the life of jax. My creative mind could not imagine his first birthday party being in a living room with everyone sitting in a circle starting at him… no way!

So to start this birthday bash, I had to come up with an awesome invitation idea! That is the first thing my party goers would see, so i had to make sure they got excited right away!

I found a place online that made custom order printed balloons. I knew that was exactly what i wanted. you can find similar ones here. I decided what i wanted the balloons to say and ordered! I was so excited when i received that package on my doorstep!


I took each of the balloons and attached them to a little 4×6 piece of thicker craft paper by poking two holes on either side of the balloons end and looping the string through, tying a bow at the end to hold it in place!

I then used some letter stamps that I found in the dollar section of Target to provide directions. i stamped out the words “Blow Me Up” and sent them off in cute little envelopes to all of Jaxson’s party guests!

weather in july is HOT here in utah, so i knew immediately that i wanted to have a water party. i love the outdoors and want to be outside any chance i get! Because it is so hot, I ordered a blow up slide, dunk tank and a shaved ice machine from Plan-it rentals. I love that they are local and offer tons of items for rent that make any party more exciting!


I purchased green paper bags from Zurchers party store, and printed a little label that said “thank you for making a splash at Jaxson’s 1st birthday bash!” and attached each one with a string.



Costco is one of my favorite places to go for cakes.. not so much for the decorations, but I love the big sheet cakes that they make + they taste amazing!!


Next, I had to get a piñata.

I must have you know, I have a thing for pineapples. Actually, more than a “thing”. I love them. Love is an understatement. I am straight OBSESSED. I have a whole board dedicated to them on Pinterest called “Pineapple Love“. I just love the look of them and try to incorporate them in every party! So, I searched high and low, all over the internet land, trying to find a pineapple piñata but none of them were quite what i was looking for. So finally, I searched on Pinterest and found a few cute ideas for DIY piñatas and I decided I was crafty enough to make my own. Again, you might ask “why make your own when you can buy one?” please refer to explanations #1 and #2 at the top of the page. ha! I couldn’t find one that matched that picture in my head so i wasn’t going to stop until I had exactly what i wanted.

Check in tomorrow to find my DIY Pineapple piñata instructions! xx-Ray



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