“Let Me Love You A Little Before You’re Not Little Anymore”

This quote has never felt more real to me than as of late.

Today is July. friday, day 1.

My sweet little human is less than 30 days away from being 3.

I will be honest. When my friends and family told me “he will grow up so fast” I didn’t believe them. Not one bit. Well, folks. After having jaxson in my life for 3 years, I can now say YES. They were absolutely right and time isn’t stopping.

You might ask me, “Why 3? What makes his 3rd birthday such a big deal?”

Every birthday has been a big deal to me. They are all major milestones. But in my mind, I hit 3, then comes four, and then here comes 5. Then he is in school. Then he has best friends (that aren’t his mom), and then he is a teenager having girlfriends, and then he is 18 and trying to move out of the house and go live his life.

Ha! Ok, so i may have skipped a few years, but that is literally how it is playing out in my mind. And this mom is freaking out!

So before he is not so little anymore..


My Sweet little human.

Your mom thinks to herself everyday how she got so lucky to receive you.

I can get lost in your big blue eyes every day. they light up when you see mom and dad and you get the most perfect smile across your face.

I love to hear your laugh. It’s so contagious!  You are such a silly boy. You love to sing and when you see mom watching, you get a little embarrassed, and start singing in a silly voice to make me laugh.

You are just like your mom. You are such a little water babe. If i let you, you would sit in the bath tub for hours. You always have to brings bath toys in there with you. Sharks are your favorite in the bath tub. You have to take about 30 different ones with you.

You have a huge fascination with dinosaurs. You can name more dinosaurs than i ever knew existed. You are so smart!

Right now, you love to say “no” and “dumbhole” (not sure where that one came from) and it drives your mom crazy! Tou think it’s funny until i put you in time out, and then you aren’t a fan of it anymore. Your big blue eyes fill up with crocodile tears. Time out is based on your age, so you have to sit in time out for 2 minutes. It is always the end of the world for you, and when mom says you wipe away those crocodile tears and get a huge smile on your face.

You are wreckless. I swear, you have more bumps and bruises than any other child I know! Your most recent crash resulted in multiple scabs all over your face! I about had a heart attack when I saw you. You are terrible at running and I always get nervous when I catch you full speed on the side walk!

You have somehow mastered the art of getting mom to let you eat ice cream before dinner. Not sure how that works, but I’d say it is a win-win for both of us because I get to eat some too.

I love your tiny feet and toes. You love to play “this little piggy” with mom and you always present a high pitched “ewwwww” when i pretend to smell them and say how stinky they are.

You love cereal. I think you would eat cereal every meal of every day if we allowed you to. Your current favorite is Lucky Charms. You like to pick out the marshmallows and make your mom eat the brown ones, which neither of us are really a fan, but I can’t say no otherwise you would never eat them!

I love to kiss your cheeks. so chubby and smooth. You love to snuggle up next to me and wrap your little arms around my neck. You get the sweetest little smirk on your face. Total lady killer.

I love you, Jaxson. and I will continue to tell you that every day, for the rest of your life. so let me love you a little every day before you aren’t little anymore.





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