I feel like this has been my life motto lately.

YOU GUYS, i’m telling you… i have a lot on my plate. probably more than i can chew. but it’s amazing so far!

But I wanted to tell to tell you about fabric printing! I love it.

Here is a throwback to Jax wearing his “Where my Ho’s at??” Santa shirt that I made in December 2014:

This one was by far one of my favs. It turned out SO cute!

I have a good laugh when I do these and love to do them every year for different things. I think it will be fun for me to show him someday.

Here are a few fun Halloween ones  that I have been wanting to make that you can use too!

  • Creep it real (with a zombie, mummy, or yellow eyes)
  • If you’ve got it, haunt it (with some stars and bats)
  • Witch better have my candy (with witch hat and candy pieces)
  • Bow down witches (with a witch hat and broom)
  • Let’s get sheet faced (with a ghost)
  • Let’s get chocolate wasted (with a chocolate bar)
  • Let’s get smashed (with three pumpkins)

Again, I love screen printing because I can customize things and create almost anything!

Halloween is right around the corner, so share some “boos” and enjoy lovelies! xx-Ray


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  1. What is your secret !?how do you do it all ! do you have a cricut? I feel like we can be bffs lol we love the same things!

    1. Haha! Hey, girl, hey! Wanna have a craft night?! Just say when and where! And yes, I used my silhouette machine for this project. Some people say circuit is better and some say silhouette is better. I have only used the silhouette so I can’t speak on the circuit. BUT, I can say there are literally thousands of things you can do with this little machine! It’s awesome! Xo

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