Whoever says life is not messy, they are lying.

Full of emotions. Ups and downs. It is a crazy whirlwind. The wildest roller coaster you will ever ride. Beautiful chaos.

But that chaos is the most amazing thing you will ever experience.

I take a million pictures. Of everything. I have to capture every moment.

I have always been a little ham when it comes to the camera and I always feel like moments will be forgotten if they are not captured. I just love to look back at a picture and feel the same emotion that I felt at that given moment. Time standing still for that one shot. I will forever have love for the person that invented the camera.

You better believe that i am going to take a million pictures of my beautiful chaos.

I always tell Jax it’s okay to get messy. He always wants his hands clean.He doesn’t like stuff being on his hands. so, I decided to let him have a little fun!

I recently bought this perfect set of washable Crayola finger paints which you can also find here . I thought it would be fun to make some art on a nice sunny day!


I took some of my brown Kraft paper (really, i ripped it very sloppy-like off the roll…) and laid it outside for him to paint. This paper is literally amazing. I have a huge roll and use it for everything!

I bet you can guess what happened next…








If there is one thing I would want Jax to gain from me, it would be my love of art, creativity and crafting. I love drawing, crafts, music, and anything else that brings your heart to life.



I’m so proud of my little Picasso. He got his hands dirty. even got a little artsy on his belly.. and legs.. hands… and feet!

Just remember. It’s okay to get messy as long as you are enjoying it. Life is messy! xx-Ray


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