I officially became a mother to a beautiful baby boy in July of 2013.

Some might say I was a mother before that, but I didn’t truly feel it until the first time I held Jaxson.

Of course, I knew I was a mother when I found out I was pregnant and I became very attached to my growing baby belly, but actually holding him and hearing him cry.. it was incredible.

Now, when i first found out i was pregnant, I didn’t know whether i wanted a boy or a girl. Girls usually like dolls,  pink, glitter, makeup and have way more clothing options as it seems, while boys like dirt, and trucks, super heroes and… who knows what else.

I, myself, was a little bit of both. growing up with my older brother, I always did what he did. We had a much larger male to female ratio in our family, and I was limited to two girls (which are both huge parts of my life today). I went camping often with my dad, and loved being outdoors. I would play Barbies and instead of using Ken dolls, I used my brother’s G.I. Joe. I always loved all things girly. Princesses, make up, clothes– not so much pink though.

So when I was pregnant, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted the gender to be. ( Like I get to choose anyways?!) because I had my older brother, I started to set my mind on a boy so my future kids could have a big brother. The protector; the one that could look out for the others.

Today, I am so grateful for my little boy and he is SO much fun. We DO play in the dirt, drive trucks and cars, wrestle, play super heroes, and yet, I still get sweet kisses and cuddles because he is my baby.

This past Friday night, I took my little date to our local raceway here in Utah with some family and we watched the midnight drag races. He loved it! And I loved being able to take him and watch him get excited about all the loud, fast cars. He would say “ready, set, go!” with me and watch them race down the track. And even though I probably could have done the same with a little girl, I just felt like he was so engaged and I was able to share that moment with him.




I look forward to all things I get to do with this little boy! I hope you all find fun things to do with your children, whether they be a boy or a girl! xx-Ray


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