Ever since i was little, I have always loved to take baths. My Gram always says I get it from my Grandpa Berger. She always tells me that he was like a frog, and always chose a bath over a shower.

It is my place of silence. Time to think and relax. alone time.

Jaxson has followed me on the path of love for bath time. even though his baths are more along the lines of cups, basketball hoops, and animals, while mine are more full of bubbles, bath bombs and bath salts.

When Jaxson was just a babe, I used to lay him on my legs and sing songs to him in the bath. I feel sorry that he had to listen to that and didn’t have a choice to say otherwise. But it was our time to bond.

Now that he is two, we still take baths.. but he is much more curious of everything, if you know what i mean..so i have to keep him busy! I teach him new songs, like ” down in the jungle where nobody goes, there is a big, fat elephant washing his toes!” and it makes it more fun for both of us because he is learning and also getting clean! If you don’t know what song I am talking about, you can check it out here.

Baths make me think how something so simple can be loved by so many. Sitting in a tub of water. washing your worries away.

My Grandpa passed in February 2013, five months before my son was born. I remember telling my grandpa and gram that I was pregnant and how excited they were for me. when my Grandpa passed, I was devastated. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that my wonderful, loving, Grandpa would not be in this world to meet my beautiful baby boy. “Oh, how he would have loved Jaxson” my Gram always says to me.

But I think he did meet Jaxson. I believe that sweet man helped handpick my little human and sent him down to be with me. My little frog. My wonderful, loving babe that is so dear to my heart.

Taking a bath is my place to wash my worries away. and think of how beautiful life is.. Life comes with the good and the bad, but you have to remember there is always something to be thankful for. Thank you Grandpa.. xx-Ray

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