Dragging myself back home from one of the most BEAUTIFUL places ever..You might be wondering how I did it.
I would go back to Nassau, Bahamas in a heartbeat.
I was in awe of the beautiful blue waters and white sand beaches. The ocean and sky went on forever. It made me stop and stare. I realized how truly beautiful life is. How amazing it was to be able to share this experience with my son.

So, back to how i did it..
How did i drag myself back home to a full time job, traffic, and normal city life? It was those same beautiful wonders in the Bahamas that would have kept me there, believe it or not. They made me realize something. My little boy IS my beautiful blue waters and white sand beaches. I can stop and stare at him for hours. How lucky am I to receive the life of this little human? I cannot wait to see where this world takes us next.

And my only worry is that his only blues will be the ocean and the sky.




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